Saturday, January 16, 2010


Here is my BLOG...I have been an avid lover of PERSONALIZING  gifts!!!! I think this feature incompasses the idea of "The Perfect Gift!".

If the person isn't registered somewhere for a gift they actually need or want, then what is better than a gift that says ...I am thinking about you...I took the time to make something JUST for you...Here is something you can have for always, keep for always, remember me for always.

For as long as I can remember, everytime I have given a personalized gift it as been appreciated, well loved, and treasured. Whether it is a grown-up or a child, these little gifts have lived long passed the life span of the normal gift.

So, I leave you with this thought.  From Rocking Horses to Aprons, everyone needs to know someone has taken a moment of their day to do something that is special just for you :)