Sunday, November 29, 2009

Re-Think It - Dandelion

I have found the most incredible company for children's Earth-Friendly Goods!!  An Organic Product Line that fills their products with CORN FIBER not any sort of poly fill.  They are made with organic cotton and come in sustainable packaging.  I first saw this company at the ABC Show in Vegas and I was totally taken back.  I had never seen an organic line that used all the imaginative textures and colors of their counter-part the polly filled toys, but so much better.... AND it's all machine washable!  They carry Rattles, Teethers, Developmental Toys and Soft Plush animals.  Here is the clincher.  They have a PINK line for baby girls.  A portion of the proceeds from Dandelion's Pink Line will go to support Breast Cancer Research.

So what we have here is a fabulous company that is eco-friendly, smart, and has a huge heart!  What else can I say except AMAZING!!!!

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